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Creative Direction for Interactive Online Curriculum

Creative Direction + Graphic Design + Storyboarding + Storyline Development


What began as an initial consult (requested by a colleague struggling to balance the high expectations of a new client) ended with me providing creative direction for an entire suite of 9 high-end eLearning modules over the course of 2 years. I did this in addition to design and development for several of the modules.


When I joined the project, we were behind schedule. Two designers had already proposed design options that were rejected by the client. After my first meeting with the client, I created a presentation that outlined my vision for the design. The presentation included inspiration pieces, an alpha version of an intro animation, and hand-drawn storyboards.


After approval, it was decided that we needed to assemble a larger team to meet the aggressive timeline. I worked with vendors and internal staff to source a graphic designer, animator, video editor, and voice talent for the project, and I teamed up with the primary instructional designer on the project to complete the design and development.


My contributions to the initial set of modules included blood, sweat, and tears. Only kidding (sort of)! In addition to design and development of my assigned modules, I also: 


  • Worked closely with the primary instructional designer to ensure that all designs were cohesive

  • Provided creative direction for the project including detailed storyboarding for an animator and graphic designer

  • Natively built any designed layout elements that required interactions in Storyline so that states could be easily applied

  • Reviewed raw video footage and provided direction to the video editor

  • Sourced images and vectors for use throughout the module

  • Developed 75% of the initial set of 4 modules, including the complex interactions and branching


During phase 2, I created templates and instructed a larger team of designers on the use of various design assets to match the set style. I also developed 1.5 of the 5 modules in the secondary curriculum


One time-saving trick that I learned from this project is that using a background screen with a precisely placed cutout in the center as a frame overlay can eliminate the need for hours of time-consuming photo-alignment. If the background allows for this, and if you are using full screen or large photos, this can be a great time-saving option. 


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