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Cultural Onboarding Development  (2017-2018)

Advanced Storyline Development + Motion Graphics + Illustration



In late 2017, I was very fortunate to land a place on a team tasked with upgrading and enhancing an organization’s current cultural onboarding program.

The client’s goals for the revamped and completely digital program were:


  • The program must have a “Wow Factor.”

  • The learning assets should not look like traditional eLearning.

  • The program should be engaging and interactive, but the content must be sequenced in a set path given its historical date-driven nature.

  • The program should include gamification elements.

  • The program must have global reach, which included being mindful of the “great firewall of China.”


The team assembled included a graphic designer, animator, instructional designer, SMEs, and QA support. As a team, it was decided that we should proceed with a board game where learners follow a specific path to guide them through the historical and cultural content in a set sequence.


My contributions included:


  • Consulting with the LMS Administrator to find out more about the limitations and best practices for the LMS given the interactive nature of what we were intending to build. (For example, what was the recommended practice for embedding or inserting videos for global reach across acquisitions with different firewalls? What were the size and bandwidth considerations we needed to be mindful of? Did their LMS allow for custom Javascript within a module without security errors etc.?

  • Researched and prototyped several game style interactions including a digital game spinner and the game piece movement interactions.

  • Storyboarded and animated introduction video for communication.

  • Storyboarded and developed course content slides.

  • Animated slide content using GoAnimate and Adobe After Effects as needed.

  • Developed and tested the module in various browsers and environments to ensure that it worked.​

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