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Educational Game Development

Advanced Storyline Development + Motion Graphics + Graphic Design


As a part of the new employee onboarding project, I supported a designer to quickly create a customized Jeopardy-style game using Storyline 2. The designer worked with the client to gather and create the content for the module.


I created the game shell, developed the introduction video using a purchased template, and designed the layout of the screens.


One time-saving trick that I discovered in this project is that Storyline 2 has a great capacity to automate some of the trigger creation. If you name your assets intuitively and really work with the capabilities of Storyline, this can save time in creating a game or other complex build from scratch.


The template design, game shell, and intro video took about 24 hours to complete, not including the render time on the video. Note: I did not create or edit any of the images used.


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