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Development of Localized Content in 8 Languages

Content Management + Localization + Motion Graphics + Storyline Development



In 2016, I created an interactive, eLearning module to both advertise a new LMS and inform users about key functionality. The module covered the following topics: What is an LMS, what is in the LMS, why and how are courses assigned, what are the notification settings, and what resources are available. With the support of our global staff for translation of the audio and text, I was able to develop 8 localized versions of the module.

The course was created using Storyline 2 for the course shell and simulation, Camtasia Studio for the system recordings, and Adobe After Effects for the content videos. I chose to use Camtasia for the system recordings (rather than Captivate or another image-based video) because I wanted to be sure to capture all of the system animations such as the launching of a course or loading between screens, etc. in one simple recording.

One time-saving trick that I learned about translating system demonstrations with localized audio was to record one version of the demo using Camtasia. I then used the time remap feature in Adobe After Effects to stretch and condense the video according to the length of each language. I found this to be faster than trying to manually lengthen and condense the video in Camtasia. It also created a simpler workflow, rather than struggling with 8 different Camtasia project files of the same recording.

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