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You Use Pinterest for That?

Most people think of Pinterest as a place to stockpile impossible craft instructions or stunning interior design pictures. Did you know it is a great brainstorming tool for eLearning as well?

We were recently asked to work on a series of modules with a spy theme. As we brainstorm ideas for a spy-themed story to unite the modules, we have been using Pinterest to find and collect elements to include.

This has worked well for two main reasons:

  1. Variety – Pinterest offers a great variety of random results, meaning we can find inspiration from everything from spy movie posters to spy-themed kids’ birthday party activities.

  2. Office Appropriate – Speaking of kids’ birthday party activities, the spy theme can sometimes include weapons and violence, which we don’t want to introduce into an office setting. Luckily, Pinterest includes a lot of family-friendly pins! Family-friendly means office safe!

Most of us have used Pinterest in the past for work tasks, such as finding graphic design ideas or stockpiling design templates. This project has really opened our eyes to the many additional uses of Pinterest for eLearning design, and we hope that it helps others to see the possibilities as well.

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