Traci made herself completely invaluable to our success with this project immediately upon starting the contract. She communicated well with all relevant stakeholders and ensured that her work product was exactly what we needed at all turns. Her professional attitude and ability to remain flexible with us as timelines changed really helped us a ton. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us!


-Content Program Manager


Traci Pate is in a class of her own because of her unique combination of skills.  It is rare, if not impossible, to find one person with all of the skills she possesses. Traci achieves brilliance in her work by combining her technology expertise, project management excellence and creative application of adult learning theory in her projects.  Traci thrives on working on challenging projects. Ideating with clients, to create innovative solution in a collaborative fashion, is a central characteristic of the process she follows. She builds state-of-the-art programs which are highly engaging, visually appealing and logically organized to meet learner needs.  This approach maximizes knowledge transfer for the adult pupil and success for her client organizations. Traci is a joy to work with. Her kind, humble and professional demeanor keeps her clients coming back!

-Rose Pagliari, Senior Director Digital Learning


Traci has been a thought partner of mine for a few years now. What impresses me the most is that she keeps up to date on the latest trends in L&D and related fields. Because of this I trust her opinion, especially when working on projects that must appeal to employees and put their needs first. 

-Helen Allen, Communications Manager


Traci and I have a shared view of what quality Instructional Design is. She is able to take my requests for interactivity and course design and make them a reality, from simple video-based training to branching scenarios and complex business courses. She is quick to respond to feedback and process edits, and provides a professional, polished product in a timely manner.

-eLearning Design Manager, Global Lumber Manufacturer


I had the pleasure of working with Traci at Mars. Her instructional design and eLearning development skills are the best that I’ve seen in a very long time. Her solid understanding and application of Instructional Design help to ensure the course is not only visually pleasing but also instructionally sound. Her approach to eLearning development is creative and really focuses on engaging the learner in a way that is meaningful to the content and relatable. When I think of her consulting skills and how she works with clients, there are two books that come to mind immediately; Flawless Consulting by Peter Block and The Trusted Advisor by Dave Maister, Charles H. Green,  She builds relationships with clients in an authentic way, striving for a win-win relationship. She’s the full package, exceeding in not only her instructional design and eLearning development skills, but also in the “how” she gets it done. She is truly a pleasure to work with and would be valuable to any project in so many ways.

-Eileen Terrell, PMP, CPLP