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Custom learning program development, hassle free!


We believe that meaningful learning experiences create the most effective training.


Effective training:

  • is relevant to the audience, with complete and accurate content.

  • stands out with strong stories and visuals.

  • includes an uncomplicated user experience.

  • is delivered at the right time and place.

  • is focused on real results (not on using flashy gimmicks for the sake of it).


We thrive on integrity, supporting you through the process, and getting the very best results for your organization.

  • We design for the full life cycle of a program, including maintenance.

  • We select/use tools that are the best match for you and the program (not the flashiest, hardest to use, etc.).

  • We don’t offshore our eLearning development.

  • We empower you to make decisions and take ownership of your training assets (for example, you'll have the ability to make your own updates).

  • Integrity is important for us. We strive for mutual relationships with clients and everyone who supports our projects.

  • We use best practices and a thorough testing and QA process.


Need advice or a pair of hands? We offer our expertise and support to help you build the best possible training program.


Save the hassle of DIY. We offer done-for-you development of your custom learning program. 


  • We're a team of experienced consultants who have proven track records of success with corporate, higher-ed, and healthcare learning projects. 

  • We partner with organizations to develop innovative digital training experiences that are rooted in best practices.

  • We love helping clients get the very most out of their investment in employee training.

  • Our past and current clients include Mars, Inc. and several other household names.

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How did I get into this line of work?

I’ve worked in a variety of jobs where I got to see behind the scenes of the educational experience – from working for my university, to managing online certification programs, to teaching in China.

The sum of these experiences made me realize how much I love lesson planning, and this piqued my interest in employee training. In 2013 I completed my MSed and found a mentor in the field. I have been internally and externally consulting ever since. 

I currently reside in New York with my family. In my free time I love to read, travel, and spend quality time with my kids. 

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